the prophet’s Tale

the prophet’s tale, the first serial comic exploring the wondrous world of elysia, is now live on joyn!

Chapter one of the prophet’s tale follows the prophet as he deals with anger, grief, and sorrow following the genocide of his people and finding his way in a new land. This chapter is the first installment of the larger series, which will follow the prophet in his quest to herald the angel mikael and take down the autonomous artificial intelligence turned technofascist dictator, dear father.

Lose yourself in the rolling grasslands of elysia through the debut of Joyn’s comic reader feature alongside a unique musical composition for a complete audiovisual experience. Limited editions of the cover and 1/1 paintings of each page are available to collect.

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End of Elysia Collection

Shop ely’s first physical release, the End of Elysia gameboy game, available here

Collectors are elligible for a free airdrop of “Repose” (above) upon purchase of a gamecard

Interested in trying before you buy? Play the full game here

Elysian fields: Into the unknown

Explore ely’s second installation of the elysian fields series set in the elysian desert. Combining themes of sci-fi, fantasy, and the surreal, elysian fields: into the unknown expands upon the elysian story through explorations of architecture, history, and nature.

Two pieces, “Marterl” and “Mikael’s Arrow”, remain available for purchase with 0.1 Reserves here