Tales from Elysia

tales from elysia is my 1/1 collection on the ethereum blockchain. this collection captures canonical events in the elysian universe while granting me creative freedom to explore various media in new ways.

holders of pieces from tales from elysia or my work on foundation will be eligible for the highest level of exclusivity in regards to airdrops and other rewards.

Elysian Fields

elysian fields is a a series of 1/1 landscapes exploring the history, culture, and geography of the magical world of elysia. through studies of color and form, the elysian fields collection seeks to make use of deliberate features to highlight a facet of life in this world.

The Elysians

the elysians is my 1/1 collection of portraits from the characters in the elysian universe. each elysian has a canonical role within the story, reflected through a written lore excerpt and unique properties to reflect their role in the larger story.

holders of the elysians will be eligible for airdrops and other rewards.

Elysian Artifacts

a collection of airdrops and other goodies from the elysian universe